Our Success Stories

Victoria Stoyanova

I feel privileged to have won a place on the Student Inc programme. It was an experience I will always remember and cherish. The culture of entrepreneurship was promoted and supported daily. Meeting like-minded people, professionals, and mentors in the Student Inc programme, where ideas and thoughts were shared, helped me shape and grow my business into what it is today. I am extremely lucky to have been funded and supported by the Student Inc Programme; it was truly an amazing experience. Since completing The Student Inc Programme, Victoria has earned a place on Enterprise Ireland's New Frontiers Phase 2 Programme at The Rubicon Centre.

CODEX Tracey_060319D_5544

Winning a place on the Student Inc. program was the beginning of my journey as an entrepreneur. I started the program knowing absolutely nothing about setting up or running a business and by the end of it I had a business plan written and the wheels were set in motion for Bia Beauty which went on to be acquired by Codex Beauty. I can’t recommend Student Inc. and CIT highly enough, it really is a supportive and friendly environment!

Benchwarmers logo

Student inc. was a MUST for me, I count myself blessed and extremely lucky to have started my own business and for having Student inc. as the backbone to that process. I have to give myself a bit of credit for driving forward BenchWarmers to the following it has now, but I can honestly say it wouldn’t have happened without The Rubicon Centre and the student inc. the support and backing I received was unbelievable and I was very lucky to have it.


Student Inc. gave me the opportunity to focus exclusively on growing my company. The quality of speakers that came in to impart knowledge on the participants was phenomenal. I benefited immensely through learning from these speakers, some of whom have founded, scaled, and sold multi-million-euro companies. Skills gained around all aspects of starting and running a company have been hugely beneficial for my business.


As an Adapted Physical Activity graduate I knew there was huge scope to enter the market offering a larger variety of exercise prescription, therapy and rehab for people of all ages and abilities as there is such a huge demand for inclusive services in the health & wellbeing industry and little service providers to cater for the demand. The Student Inc program has changed my life and to this day still has me running my own business which was a lifelong goal of mine. The program gave me expert support, advice and the material I required to set up a business. If not for the program I would not be where I was today, working for myself, getting the partnerships and the large scale contracts that are on the way. Each day I walked into the Tom Crean Centre there were people there that wanted to see me do well and they still help me on a daily basis. Each day and week that passes I feel I have developed my business further through an exceptionally positive environment.

Luke Pottinger

I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to work on Student Inc. I met so many like-minded people, got to network with successful business owners. Student Inc. was an eye opener for me, as I pivoted away from making a product solely for bartenders and began to look at all the other markets for protective gloves. If I didn't have the opportunity of Student Inc. I would have developed a product that the market wasn't ready for yet. Since finishing Student Inc, I now have a much deeper understanding of business and how to develop products and teams, find and market to customers, speak confidently in public and so much more. I would highly advise anyone who has the opportunity to apply for Student Inc. to just go for it! It was truly an amazing experience.

The Student Inc. program was very professionally run and supportive. We all felt welcome immediately and were given the best advise on where to begin. The office space and mentoring from other start ups in the building and support from the programme coordinators allowed us to structure our business plans and find out what worked best and what didn’t in a safe encouraging environment. We had a fantastic network created with successful start ups as well as the other participants involved within the three colleges. Our businesses developed and changed throughout the three months with the help of the fantastic workshops. I am now in a great situation with a clear understanding of what direction I’m heading in thanks to this program and have continued support from all at the Tom Crean centre which is invaluable

The Student Inc. programme offers supports for any individual making the transition from academia to the world of entrepreneurship. The programme provides entrepreneurs with a place to work, as well as access to a broad range of mentors from various industry sectors, resident entrepreneurs and the wider academic community. Being housed in the Rubicon Centre also facilitated interactions with the more established entrepreneurs which I found to be extremely beneficial because of the advice, introductions and vital ‘matter of fact’ information points. Overall, I found programme coordinators cared for my success as if it were their own, providing detailed overviews on government support, industry norms, introductions as well nurturing confidence and belief in myself. It was a worthwhile experience with respect to my personal and professional development and I would unreservedly recommend.

The Student Inc program was a fantastic experience. Over the summer of 2017 I had the opportunity to work alongside other like-minded individuals to develop our businesses while receiving funding and invaluable mentorship from industry experts. Being in a work environment with a clear plan from start to finish really helped get our business off the ground and having someone knowledgeable by your side throughout to bounce any questions off was a massive help. Since completing the Student Inc program we have been able to grow our business and the Student Inc and Rubicon Centre staff have supported us at every step of the way. I urge any student with a business idea to approach the team in the Rubicon Centre and get involved with the Student Inc program!


Student Inc. played a vital role in the early days of my business. As a student with an idea, I didn't have the skills or support needed to bring it to life. When I was excepted into student inc it accelerated all aspects of my business and without doubt, played a major role in its success. The course provided funding, mentoring, and office space which was invaluable at the time. For any student wanting to start their own business, I would highly recommend reaching out to the Student INC staff and applying for the program.


From undertaking the Student Inc. program I gained a broad amount of knowledge that has greatly allowed me to expand my business. I learned the basics required in accounting, financing, project management and sales & marketing. I threw myself into the programme, taking every opportunity that came my way during the summer. As a result of completing the program I have learned the key steps required to bring my business to the next level.


Student Inc was a game changer for me, turning my college project into a business over a few short months. By the time I left college I had created my own career and I’ve never looked back. The commercial development through fun, interactive classes was highly valuable, especially as a non-business student. Through the business I started on the program I am now working with hospitals around the world, developing new medical devices to solve real patient problems. If you enjoyed your college projects, or have an idea that you're excited by and feel it’s worth pursuing as a business, I’d highly recommend applying for Student Inc.